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so day 1in area DS-1 was fantastic, but exhausting. surprisingly, getting up at 4 am wasn’t too bad, though i was thrown for a loop when i realized it was still dark outside; but that just means that we got to watch the sun rise as we munched on our various you-need-to-eat-something-

otherwise-you-will-pass-out-before-second-breakfast items which was really pretty. it really reinforced the landscape here which is both super different and yet still similar to that back home (that’s be Tennessee for me if y’all are wondering ^_^).

the bus ride was short and once we made it to the site we got our tools, divided into our groups, and set about cleaning the dig site. So lemme explain why we were cleaning; the last season at Tel Kabri was in 2009 and at the end of that season tarps were put over the current excavations and part of the area was filled in with dirt from the dump site to protect the findings until the next season, combine that with the dirt that got dumped in due to erosion and what not and you’ve got one hot mess of an archaeological site. so we spent most of the morning trying to get the site back up to par by removing dirt, trimming back the plants and debris, and trimming the baulks (edges of the squares we dig in, also used to divide multiple squares in an area… we’re such squares lol ^_^). we took a break for lunch around 8:30 and man was it good. Prof. Kline had told us that since he participated in so many digs with crummy food that we would eat well and damn did he deliver. we had a bunch of veggies, tuna, cheese, yogart, cottage cheese, bread, peanut butter, and the Israeli equivalent of nutella (but better b/c it’s just chocolate). so we took a break and ate in the shade until 9 before we all split and went back to the dirt.

in the afternoon (silly to call it that since it was still morning, but whatever) we continued our cleaning mission to get the site back up to par until about 11 when we took a fruit and mini class time break where we went over some of the basics of excavation. we then continued with the cleaning and in our area and got COMPLETELY finished with it before we had to clean up and pile back on the bus. score one for us!

so once we got back to the kibbutz and had a pasta lunch a few of us hit up the store for some breakfast goodies for the week and spent our first free afternoon relaxing from the long day. then we had an extremely helpful workshop on keeping our field notebooks since none of us had a clue about how to do that before dinner and a lecture about the history of Tel Kabri. after the lecture, those of us who were struggling to remain awake and take good notes *cough*me*cough* went back to our bungalows and proceeded to pass out. All in all, it was an exhausting but awesome first day.

the morning of day 2 began the same as yesterday but when we got to our site we actually got to begin excavating. My group was given the task of taking down the baulk between squares 5 and 6 in order to expose the painted fresco underneath and connect the two areas that make up the same room. it’s amazing how freaking long it takes. i remember looking at the baulk this morning and thinking ‘it’s about a meter high give or take, we can do that by the end of the day!’ and now here we are with about 5cm left until we are matched with the surrounding floor. it was exhausting work, which did not help my sore muscles from yesterday, but it was still really cool. we found a fair amount of pottery, including some identifiable features like handles, bases, and rims; as well as some flint and even a bit of bone. okay, now i have to geek out… IT. WAS. SO. FREAKING. COOL!!!!!!!!!! ❤ (lovelovelovelovelove)

okay. all done.

so we spent the entire day on that while our other group members worked on opening square 5 and uncovering the wall that bisects it. at the end of the day we had enough pottery to bring back to actually use in our ‘how to wash pottery’ workshop. It’s actually pretty relaxing, but this is coming from the girl who likes to do the dishes…. which brings us to now. literally. right now. in which i’m writing this…  so on that note i’ll leave y’all to it 😉

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